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Bookkeeping Services 

Customized Accounting Solutions to Meet Your Unique Needs

Outsource your bookkeeping to an expert and benefit from "on-demand" expertise without having to hire. Our flexible employee services can take place in your offices or off site. Our customized accounting solutions respect your schedule and budget. Custom management reports to help you review and run your company.


Accounting Services 

Streamlined Accounts to Keep Your Cash Flowing.

Reconciliation of the following accounts:

  • Balance the balance sheet accounts

  • Cash management

  • Accounts receivables

  • Accounts payables

  • Fixed assets

  • Payroll accruals

  • Budgeting 

  • Financial statement presentation 

  • Job and project costing 

  • Sales tax filing 

  • 1099s and much more

Filling Out Tax Form

QuickBooks Setup Services

QuickBooks Set-Up and Ongoing Support Services to Ensure Your Success.

As the number one accounting software for small businesses, QuickBooks is convenient and efficient, but only when the initial setup is performed properly. Make sure your business is ready to hit the ground running with QuickBooks. 

We have the skills and knowledge to install, set up, train, and support our clients who use QuickBooks. 

Your accounting system should not only do your bookkeeping, it should also be a tool to help you manage your business. We understand the bookkeeping challenges you face and know that keeping accurate records is vital to your business’s success. We offer QuickBooks set-up and ongoing support services. 

Our ongoing QuickBooks support services include:

  • Reconciling your bank accounts

  • Online banking setup and coordination

  • Printing and customizing reports for your specific needs 

  • Overseeing your bookkeeper 

  • Inputting credit card transactions and reconciliation

  • Accounts receivable & invoicing 

  • Entering payroll 

  • Accounts payable - entering and paying bills

  • Inventory tracking 


Financial Records Cleanup Services

Make Sure Your Financial Records Comply with Regulatory Standards 

Time to clean up your financial act! Bookkeeping cleanup checklists are easy to find online -- but if your business requires more in-depth expertise, hiring a professional bookkeeping company is the only way to go.

Financial Report

Bookkeeping catch-up is essential too, but first, you should perform the necessary clean-up operations before moving forward. It takes time, effort, and patience to dust off your accounts and ensure they're up to date and comply with regulatory standards. 

This simple service can do wonders for your business and bring you peace of mind in the process. Messy financial records can be a huge source of stress and confusion for business owners and employees. They might even cost you some money if you make some mistakes because of them. 

Our bookkeeping services are reliable, reasonably priced and will provide you with all the assistance you need regarding your financial records.


Casey set my accounting books from scratch and maintained solid financial records for over a decade. During COVID she always met my needs and prepared and submitted grants to ensure the financial position of my business.

Italian Village
Carbondale, IL

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